Presentation? Public Speaking? OH MY!!

There are a lot of people who are naturals at presenting and there are those who aren’t. Here’s some tips to help you become a better presenter or public speaker.


  1. Know the Material
  • You will hear this a lot but knowing the material gives you a great confidence boost. You will not have to skim through the many flashcards. Looking at flashcards for more than 35% of the time makes you seen under-prepared and rude.
  1. Flashcards?
  • Most teachers or whomever will tell you to make flashcards. But the thing is many people write everything on a flashcard. That’s a big no! You want to provide key and crucial information only. Flashcards are only there as a prompt and a way to remember things that you may have forgotten. This is not supposed to be the presentation. You do not want to read off the script.
  1. Fears?
  • Fear of a big crowd?

v  While addressing the room you want to be talking to the people, but a large amount of people make you nervous? Look into the center of the crowd and find an inanimate object close to a person in the middle of the room. It gives the impression you are looking at the people and it would help your nerves.

  • Making mistakes?

v  Making a small error here or there is fine. Just make sure to apologize if its very apparent. By knowing the material well, mistakes are hard to come by.

  1. PowerPoint
  • Digital presentations are very popular and are usually used now. Just like flashcards these slides are a reminder to you on what it is that you are trying to present.

Tip #1 Do not overfill your slide with words

Tip #2   Include photographsTip #2   Only 50-70% of the slide should be filled

  1. Interaction
  • While presenting, you can interact with the audience, it helps the information get passed along and it can take some pressure off of you. Interaction makes the presentation much more interesting.



  • Make sure to be fully rested!
  • Have a great breakfast!
  • Dress for the occasion.
  • Give yourself a pep talk!
  • Look in the mirror, power pose and say “I got this!” with confidence
  • Smile!
  • Be loud and clear!
  • If given the opportunity and you are ready, volunteer to go first or which every place. It gets it out of the way and the weight is off your shoulders.

Pretend Less, Read More

I think the author really captured today’s society! This is a great post to check out!

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nerd-glassesSince being a nerd has become cool I don’t like it any more. Big glasses are no longer the indicator of a visual impairment caused by too much reading, and pasty skin is less likely caused by long hours spent in libraries, archives or labs. It’s more likely the result of an overpriced holiday in Finland and cleverly applied make-up.

It is now socially acceptable, even hip, to be seen sitting by yourself in a murky café reading Camus. It is even more so if you’re wearing a baggy jumper you found in a charity shop, while frantically scribbling notes into your Moleskin notebook or are indeed staring into your MacBook. Not even questionable personal hygiene or unkempt hair are a safe indicator that the person next to you is a borderline genius.

On the other hand, real nerds are now heading to the gym to fight the pen pusher’s…

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Summer Reading and I HAVEN’T started! Yikes!

Hey guys! I know its summer! How’s everyone’s summer? Okay so you’re probably wondering why this is under the school section, but I swear it relates. Well here’s the deal…its July and you have about 1-1 ½ months of summer left depending on where you go to school and you still have that assigned summer reading book left to read. As students especially on break, we do not want to do any work. I personally hate assigned readings because I think that reading is a pleasure and that it should not be assigned. Let’s get back on track. So you think that the book assigned to you is too long, its boring, it’s old, etc. You can probably find out what happened if you just googled it, sparkednotes it or just watch the movie if the book was turned into a film. But you know what? I think you’re missing out, I mean there’s nothing wrong with doing any of the things I listed about but what you’re missing out on is the view of the author, the literature, how the author expresses themselves and culture. Reading the book actually helps you but I’m not going to preach on this because I’m sure people told you all about how its good for you like a million times. However here is a plan to read your book and enjoy it.

Step One:

Get the Book

Step Two

See how many pages and chapters are in the book

Step Three

Divide up the books into sections as you see fit

NOTE: If you are like me, I like start the book off slow then ease myself into the reading. So I would divided the first few sections smaller and increase the amount as each day passes.

Step Four

Make some time for you to read; it doesn’t matter where you are reading as long as you are comfortable. I would say reading 15-30 minutes a day should be fine.

Step Five

If you are like me and you forget what you last read just take some post its and write a small summary to remind you about what you last read.

PS… SparkNotes is always great if you are confused and need some explanation, but I wouldn’t depend on it too much. Teachers?  Yeah they know about SparkNotes and all that other stuff

PPS… Watch the movie after the book if they made one! It would help you refresh your memory about the book. Do this the week before school starts.

Xoxo Keep Dreaming Xoxo

Intro to ItsDreamerGirly

Hey everyone, its Dreamergirly here! What’s up? So… this is my first blog, I will most likely be posting about things that I see and here around me, write about it in my own perspective and please feel free to give me feedback. I love to discuss about anything and hear about other people’s views on the subject. I never mean to offend anyone with what I post. So… you’re probably wondering who is writing this blog. Well, I will not reveal my identity but what I can say is that I am a teenager with a lot to say and this is y way of expressing myself. I will usually post around 3-5 times a week depending on my                schedule.

Xoxo Keep  Dreaming Xoxo